Top 10 female bloggers in India creator Malini Agarwal is a pioneer in Indian blogging. She is one of the most prominent bloggers due to her creative approach. 

Anuja Chauhan, an experienced advertising executive and novelist, is renowned for her funny romantic comedy books. 

Nandita Iyer's blog,, offers a unique combination of Indian and western cuisine for foodies and health aficionados. 

Chetna Gala Sinha, a social activist and feminist, is renowned for her work on women's emancipation and financial roles. 

Madhura Bachal's blog, Madhura's Recipe, is popular among foodies for its simple but tasty meals. 

Rachna Parmar's blog, Rachna Says, provides valuable support for parents seeking parenting assistance. Children's book authorship is her forte.

Kanika Goyal's Fashion cuisine Soul blog is a hub for fashion, cuisine, and travel aficionados.

Nisha Madhulika is a very popular culinary blogger with millions of YouTube fans. Her site is great for vegetarians seeking for healthy, tasty food.

Neha Mathur's Whisk Affair blog is a foodie heaven with innovative dishes and meticulous detail. 

Author and blogger Preeti Shenoy writes with elegance and heart on mental health, parenthood, and relationships.