how to use click funnels for affiliate marketing


In the world of online marketing, there’s a cool way to make money called affiliate marketing. It’s when you tell people about products or services, and if they buy through your recommendation, you earn some money online promoting products or services.

But to do this in a proper manner, you need a secret weapon – and that’s where Click Funnels comes in. Here in this post, we’ll walk through how to use ClickFunnels to make your affiliate marketing in a proper manner. 


Do you know what’s ClickFunnels is? 

ClickFunnels are extremely important and useful for sales. It’s like an easy-to-use tool that helps you build something called a sales funnel. A sales funnel is like a path that turns curious visitors into paying customers. ClickFunnels does this by guiding visitors through different web pages until they decide to buy something. This is super useful for affiliate marketers like you. 


how to use click funnels for affiliate marketing

Step 1: Pick Awesome Stuff to Recommend 

Before you start, just think about what you want to tell people about. It’s like choosing the best ice cream flavour – you want people to like it. So, pick products or services that match and are tried and tested by you this is all about what you like and what people want. This way, people will trust your advice. 


Step 2: Make a Great First Impression 

Imagine you’re inviting friends over. You’d want your place to look nice, right? That’s what the landing page is like – it’s the front door to your affiliate offer. With ClickFunnels, you get different designs to choose from. Pick one that looks cool and fits what you’re talking about. And don’t forget to add a button that says something like “Buy Now!”  


Step 3: Give Something Cool in Return for Info 

Ever traded snacks with a friend? It’s like that, but this time it’s online. People give you their email, phone no or other info, and you give them something valuable, like a cool guide or a special discount. ClickFunnels helps you set up a page for this exchange. When people share their info, you’re one step closer to making a sale. 


Step 4: Show Them How Awesome the Offer Is 

Now, it’s time to tell people more about the thing you’re promoting. This page is like showing off your cool toy collection or what special things you have to recommend to them. With ClickFunnels, you can add pictures, videos, and words(texts should be to the point and should be buyer oriented)that explain why your affiliate product is amazing and to make them excited about it! And why they will buy it from you? 


Step 5: Offer Something Even Better (Upsell) 

You know when you go to buy a burger, and they ask if you want extra fries? That’s what an upsell is – offering something extra after the main product. ClickFunnels helps you create a page for this too. You can show related products along with your main product that goes well with what they’re buying. It’s like adding sprinkles to an ice cream cone – extra awesome! 


Step 6: Say Thanks and Keep the Fun Going 

When someone buys what you recommend, it’s party time you always show your gratitude! Use ClickFunnels to create a page that says “Thank You.” This page isn’t just about saying thanks – you can also share more cool stuff with your new customers. It’s like giving them a high-five and a secret tip for having a great time. 


Step 7: Use Emails to Keep in Touch 

Do you know how you stay in touch with friends by texting? Well, with ClickFunnels, you can send emails to people who are interested in what you have to say. This helps you build a stronger connection between you and your customer. You can tell them about new products or services you have, answer their questions, listen to them and sometimes talk about other stuff they might like. 



Affiliate marketing can be like a fun adventure thing if you do it in a proper way, and ClickFunnels is your trusty sidekick. It helps you show people awesome things and guides them to make a purchase. Remember, the key is to show that your product is the best in the category


and this product is going to solve their burning problem. So talk about things you love and believe in. With ClickFunnels, you’ve got a superpower to make your affiliate marketing journey exciting and profitable.

Just keep being yourself and sharing cool products and always give priority to your customer it’s like the customer is kind and you are just serving them what they want always try to find the best products for them and always try to find their problem and give/recommend the product that solves their issue– that’s how you become a real affiliate marketing champ!

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